My name is Natalie Betito, I’m originally from Sao Paulo (Brazil) and I’m a Certified Executive Leadership Coach by SDUIS and Assertiveness Coach by Hay House and Heal Your Life Licensed Teacher.

In 2017 I traveled to Harvard University in Boston, MA to attend a seminar called The Science of Psychology Coaching by Wellcoaches and that experience changed my life forever.

About 6 years ago (2014) I was working for a global agency in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and one of my colleagues inspired me to travel abroad and start an internship. 

On September 3rd 2014 I arrived in San Diego with lots of dreams in my head. After concluding 3 professional certificates on the business field I realized that learning new management skills wouldn’t be enough for me based on all the opportunities that were unfolding just in front of me, so I’ve decided to stay in San Diego and embrace the next chapters of my life.

Back then I also attended 2 extension courses on the Coaching field at UCSD, a Life Coaching seminar by CTI (Co-Active Coaching) and embraced other complimentary fields of study such as Feng Shui and Healing.

In 2020 I also got a worldwide certificate as a Reiki Practitioner on level I by ABR (Brazilian Reiki Association) and on February 2021 I got the second level certificate that enabled me to give Reiki by distance. Just in time! 

As for my professional background I’d like you to read the reviews on my work as a Coach and Healer. (Read more here)

If for some reason you feel that you’re not living your life to the fullest, consider scheduling some time with me. I’ve been there before and I know that each day holds a gift for each one of us, we just got to be present, opened and receptive to see it and to GRAB IT wholeheartedly. 

Send me a text message today: +5511 95421-4255 (WhatsApp / Telegram) 

Why waiting? 

Natalie Betito

Wellbeing Mentor
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