How to start changing your life


I’d like to ask you a quick question: How many times per week do you exercise? That New Year’s resolution was only another wish on your list or did you really get committed to your goal? If the answer is: -“I’m gonna start exercising tomorrow”, I wouldn’t like to say that, but we have a problem. Procrastination is the new “pain killer”, it doesn’t actually kill you, but always keeps you on the state of “almost.” It’s funny to think that even the idea of exercising makes people feel even more lazy. But how to change that feeling? How can you start enjoying something that you hate even before starting?

The answer for that question is exactly on the book called Presence written by Amy Cuddy. Cuddy is a Harvard Business School professor and Social Psychologist and she studies how nonverbal behavior and snap judgements influence people. Behind the 344 pages of her book there’s a significant discovery about how expanded postures can change the way we think and therefore the way we behave.

Do you want to try something really new? Stand up and put your arms up in the sky, or place your hands on your waist like Superman or Wonder Woman, stay there for a few minutes. Feel your feet, your legs and tights really firm on the ground, raise you head, expand your chest, breathe slowly; it’s already a NEW YOU. On her book, Cuddy explains that whenever we do an Expansive Posture or better saying a Power Posing the levels of Testosterone increase whilst the Cortisol decreases. It means that you’re likely to become more confident and take action than go to the couch and procrastinate once more.

A great way to remember to always practice Expansive Postures is by exercising. And the great thing is that you don’t necessarily need to go to the gym, or sign up for a Crossfit boot camp, you can always start by doing something that you like. If you used to like playing tennis when you were younger, do it now. If you always enjoyed dancing, this is the right time to do it and have fun. The list of activities that you can try on today is endless: you can go hiking, or go for a bike ride, skating, surfing, roller blading, you can practice Yoga, Tai Chi, any type of martial arts, or play volleyball, soccer, football, basketball, paintball, swimming; or go to your devise and take a look on the latest videos on working out available for free on Youtube or if you can, hire a professional that can create a workout routine combined with the right meal program for your needs.

You can change your thoughts, therefore you can change your life. Standing up from your comfort zone is the fastest way to get more energy, confidence and start living a healthy life. Do it today!


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